Living in Alignment

How the women of AvA stay centered, grounded, and feeling great.

AvA for Every Woman

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Discover Ala's 2024 New Year's resolutions.

Kristen Ingersoll Talks Fashion, Photoshoots, and her AvA Favorites

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Beyond the Canvas: Camilla Webster

The artist shares her passion for water, love, and a new model of art creation and exploration through NFTs.

Behind the Canvas: Connee Mayeron Cowles

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The Season of Gratitude

Discover how some of our favorite women of celebrating the holidays with the feeling of thanks.

Behind the Canvas: Ophrah Shemesh

The Israeli-American artist on how she discovered her skills, the process, and passion that comes along with it.

Inside the AvA Gratitude Collection

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Beyond the Kaftan: Cathy Graham

Artist and fashion illustrator chats with Ala on everything from flowers to parties, to what her second book has in store.

Beyond the Kaftan: Susan Feldman

Ala and the In The Groove founder talk travel, hobbies and enjoying life as they age.

Beyond the Kaftan: Sylvie Chantecaille

Ala chats with the beauty entrepreneur and matriarch on the joys (and challenges) of working with family.

A Mother’s Day Chat

Ala and Sunny on family, memories and the legacy of AvA.

Beyond the Kaftan: Melissa Biggs Bradley

We sat down with Melissa to explore her most memorable travel experiences.

AvA Gives Back

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Hanging at Home

Discover how Ala passes the time with family and friends.