How to Care

Wear, look fabulous, clean, repeat: AvA’s care instructions.

Here are the tips, tricks, and care instructions for all of our high-quality, statement making fabrics. Let’s keep you and that new AvA piece looking fabulous.


Let’s start with a fan-favorite fabric– mesh. This lightweight, breezy fabric is everyone’s favorite offering sheer coverage while still keeping you cool in the heat. These pieces can be machine washed but on cold and laid flat to dry. Stick to a cool iron when needed although these fabrics are known to be wrinkle adverse so you’ll most likely find yourself skipping that step all together. Steaming is another excellent option when refreshing your wardrobe staples. Worried about your hangers giving your mesh pieces a dent in the shoulders? So are we! That’s why we suggest curved hangers to avoid just that.


Our cotton, Italian stretch cottons, and stretch knit materials have the gift of looking good on everyone–and we want to keep them that way. So machine wash cold, dry flat, and stick to a warm vs hot when ironing. If you’d like to toss them in the dryer go for it–just make sure it’s on cool!


We’re thrilled you’ve got your hands on some AvA silk. Doesn’t it just feel delicious? Let’s protect that with hand washing cold only followed by drying it flat. Too busy? Pass it off to a trusted dry cleaner. And just like the cotton above, feel free to iron on warm. Opt for velvet hangers which will keep the silky, smooth straps in place.

tips and tricks

Our packable fabrics make traveling thrilling, easy, and fashionable. Keep your delicate fabrics packed away from sequins, jewelry, or shoes to assure no snags happen in route. Our favorite way to pack our pieces is wrapped in tissue paper which prevents hard creasing. Traveling without a steamer? Try the classic shower steam technique by running the shower as your garment hangs on a hanger nearby–soaking up the steam.

Now all that’s left is to enjoy your new AvA piece. We know caring for your clothing can be time consuming that’s why we’ve worked to make our fabrics as effortless as possible from wearing to cleaning. Thank you for supporting our mother and daughter owned business. We can’t wait to see you turn heads in your AvA ensemble.