all about Ala

Ala von Auersperg is a designer, philanthropist, mother, grandmother, and founder of Ala von Auersperg, the clothing and accessories brand celebrating women of all ages and sizes with effortlessly elegant silhouettes. A longtime painter with a penchant for travel and deep love of nature, Ala launched the eponymous label in 2017 with the goal of dressing women in styles that exude confidence and comfort.

Ala Isham wearing blue rose printed mesh kaftan over matching stretch knit long dress at her house in Antigua
Ala Isham wearing floral printed mesh one armed kaftan over matching long stretch knit dress while she is painting in Antigua

Ala’s journey in fashion began as a child where, as the young Princess Annie-Laurie von Auersperg, she’d visit Parisian couture houses with her mother, Sunny Crawford von Bülow, and grandmother, Annie Laurie Aitken. Despite a cultured upbringing and lifelong love of the arts, it wasn’t until 2009 that Ala found her own muse. While searching for a creative outlet, she decided to take painting lessons with Ophrah Shemesh, a teacher from the New Studio School. There, Ala discovered her talent, and her longtime friend and designer Antonio Gual suggested she print one of her paintings on a dress.

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Each AvA collection begins in the same place. Drawing inspiration from her natural surroundings, Ala paints or sketches a design that her team interprets and evolves into a print. AvA is now a full scale lifestyle brand, complete with everyday foundational pieces, cocktail-ready styles and travel-friendly silhouettes that fit and flatter all women on the adventures of life. Ala’s daughter Sunny, head of marketing, furthers the philosophy that AvA is a brand for generations of women to share and love.

Ala Isham wearing black and white silk dress at her house in Newport, Rhode Island
Ala and Sunny wearing printed kaftans on the beach in Antigua

With Ala’s unique design process baked into each and every garment, AvA isn’t about trends or sales, rather it’s a true expression of Ala’s vision that women can interpret into their own aesthetic. Each piece invites the wearer to harness her creativity to style her own masterpiece. Ala views her designs as a catalyst for helping women embrace their inherent beauty, discover their confidence, and celebrate life.

Outside of AvA, Ala is a grandmother to five children, as well as an avid traveler, gardener, and philanthropist. Ala co-founded the National Center for Victims of Crime, which provides victims of crime with rights, protection and services to help them rebuild their lives, and the Brain Trauma Foundation, which supports ongoing research on traumatic brain injuries. Together with her interest in conservation and historic preservation, Ala is committed to empowering women and leaving the world a better place for future generations.

Ala Isham wearing rose printed cotton tunic with rose printed cotton eyelet skirt with her husband Ralph in Antigua
Ala Isham and her daughters wearing mesh kaftans over matching printed stretch knit dresses in Newport, Rhode Island