AvA for Every Women

I began AvA with the hopes of outfitting women all over the world. Offering women of every age and any body type the chance to feel and look their very best. AvA has far surpassed my wildest dreams–you all have supported our mother and daughter owned company in such a beautiful way and for that I am immensely grateful. AvA pieces have a way of transforming you–they make your skin glow, your eyes pop, and your confidence skyrocket. They are the look that gets an over the top reaction out of your partner before that anniversary dinner. They are the ensembles that have your girlfriends asking you where you got it before you’ve even sat down for drinks. They are a piece of confidence, a walking masterpiece, the best version of you. Here’s a look at everyone AvA is for–hint: it’s everybody.

the Artsy One

AvA is for the women who belong in the spotlight. For the women who gravitate to bold patterns and statement colors. For the women who opt for elegant sophistication and effortless beauty. Our free-flowing mesh fabrics and strong pops of blues, greens, and reds keep the artistic women well dressed and well complimented. Whether it’s from a stranger on the street or your husband, a compliment is always appreciated. And with AvA, they are always rolling in. Because all of our prints began on my canvas, I like to think of them less like prints and more like works of art. Every piece of art that we’ve transferred to fabric has come out not only stunning, but also timeless–something I work hard to keep at the core of AvA. Life is meant to be lived in color and with joy, AvA pieces give you an instant boost of just that. Be bold, be glad, be fabulous.

for Generations to Come

My goal was to create looks that I could wear, but also ones that my daughter could wear. I’m happy to say not only do my daughter and I sport AvA around town, but so do her daughters–making us a three generation brand.I want these to be pieces that last for years to come. I want them to be the pieces your granddaughter borrows for her rehearsal dinner or for her trip to the tropics.

Every Body

AvA celebrates every woman from their head to their toes. I wanted to create silhouettes that glided over the body–enhancing them, not covering them up, or “hiding” something. As we created our basics, we spent meeting after meeting fine tuning our stretch knit fabric with its smoothing technology leaving everyone with a flattering yet comfortable look. The stretch knit fabric can be found in our Caterina Dress, Caterina Tank, and our Elaine Pant. Plus our mesh pieces, which we are known for, are specifically designed to be free flowing offering a stunning silhouette on any body shape. Every time we make a new collection we are always working to make our styles even more wearable by everyone out there–because everyone deserves a piece of bold glamor. Everyday you wear AvA, I hope you can hear me saying, “You’re beautiful. Inside and out.”

Let's Look Back

Sustainability has always been at the forefront of AvA’s mission. We want to create beautiful looks that keep our earth looking just as stunning as we do, but as collections move on and past product builds up, many brands waste fabric–something AvA never likes to do. Our solution is launching AvA Outlet - a place where our past styles are available at a discounted rate, because we want our silhouettes in closets not in landfills. The added benefit of this is offering an avenue that truly opens up AvA to everyone and anyone. So whether you’re looking to save a bit of money or save the earth, take a peak at our outlet.

To my women of AvA, thank you for enhancing your natural beauty with our bold, statement-making pieces. I love seeing how you style your AvA pieces. Until next time, stay curated, confident, effortless, AvA.