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The Moraine

My Spring/Summer 2019 Collection is inspired by the gardens found all along the Eastern End of Long Island, and mine in particular.

ala isham garden

Our home - named Moraine because it’s a geo-formation similar to the end of a glacier, is where my family comes together. It’s where my grandkids run around full of wonder and excitement. It’s where I paint, in my little studio in my garden.

ala isham family
ala isham

The new Moraine print is inspired by my love for roses, which, like so many things, began with my grandmother. Growing up, I’d see bowls of roses scattered around her home. It’s as if you had tightly clustered roses in reds, hot pinks and corals. I was so taken with her affinity for the flower, that I added a rose garden of my own.


Once my husband and I settled on our home in Water Mill, I enlisted my friend, the late artist Robert Dash to help me design the garden. He was a close friend of my in-laws, and I was so taken with his talent. He had an amazing garden on a very small piece of land in Sagaponack known as Madoo and he’d use regular forms of plants and treat them in the most unusual ways. He was a renaissance man and we became close friends.

moraine flower
flower garden picture 2

Watching Bob design my garden was like watching a painter paint. He taught me how to pick things out myself. I began to learn textures, colors, placement, balance. That was how you created a garden, as well as factoring in what would survive in the soil.

flower garden

Whenever I’m in my garden, I love to think of Bob. I also enjoy visiting and supporting the Madoo Conservancy, now a public garden dedicated to his work and the location of our Spring/Summer photo shoot. It has wonderful programming, like children’s classes and lectures. I’m sure Bob would be happy his gardens continue to delight so many.

garden photo shoot
photo shoot


frances duster
sophie dress
agnes poncho