Sunny's Guide to
Celebrating Halloween

Discover her tips for a fun, festive, safe, holiday.

As a mom of three, Sunny knows a thing or two about the Halloween spirit. When she’s not decorating her home, she’s trick or treating around Litchfield with her children in full costume. (She’s even known to wear a cape herself). Discover how Sunny ushers in this ghoulish holiday, and why it’s never about the class - only the fun.

How do you approach decorating for Halloween?

"There’s nothing super classy about Halloween, so I just embrace it. I love to go over the top, and so do my children. We decorate our dining room for every holiday. It’s right next to our kitchen and has a big fireplace with a mantle. So for Halloween, we have a glow-in-the-dark skeleton and three different machines that sing songs and make noises and dance. It’s the one time of year where I don’t feel like I have to make everything look super chic. It’s just really fun. I have these beautiful Simon Pearce candle holders where I put fake eyeballs. I put a big skeleton on the table. Each year, I let my kids go and pick one decoration from the store that gets featured somewhere in our house."

How do you celebrate Halloween?

"We live in Litchfield, CT., which is a gorgeous Halloween experience. It’s really the most beautiful time of year there. The town really invests in Halloween. There’s one main historic street with old homes. The town contributes to maintaining them, and on Halloween, gives residents of that street some money to decorate. Everyone on the street goes all out. Some do haunted houses, or have adorable decorations. It’s always blocked off, so the kids run up and down the street and trick or treat freely. You meet up with friends. It’s super safe and really cute."

What’s your approach to costumes?

"Anyone who has kids knows that if you’re not smart, you end up buying three different costumes for one child because they all change their minds three different times throughout the month. So I wait until it's 10 days before Halloween and let them choose. It’s whatever they want. I don’t try to coordinate anything. I do push certain things. I love an 80’s or 90’s look. Otherwise I go for scary things. This year my son is the grim reaper, my youngest daughter is a fairy, and my eldest daughter is one of those blow-up aliens."

Do you dress up?

"I have a small collection of Halloween costumes and keep them in a tupperware. I usually take out my trusty cape or a witch hat. My husband is usually something last minute like a “nerdy father.” We sneak some wine in a cooler and head out with the kids to meet up with other families. It’s so fun."

How do you deal with the candy?

"They really do not get a lot of candy. Maybe they’ll get a bucket full of one of those orange pumpkins. They get that full of candy. They think it’s a hugely insane amount. We are a no sugar household. So when they get it, it’s the best thing of their lives. The only thing we take away is anything with nuts, because my son is allergic. I love Reeses and Snickers so I’ll gladly take them from our kids."