Unveiling Inspiration:
Ocean Brush and Seastrokes

As an artist, I've always found inspiration in the crashing waves and diverse colors of the sea. From the Caribbean to the Mediterranean and the northeastern US coast, each water color sparked my curiosity. Last summer, I embarked on a painting venture in Newport, RI, coinciding with a visit from my teacher, Ophrah Shemesh. Together, we ventured along the coast, capturing the perfect scene near my house—a rock formation visible from my window. Due to the rocky boat, I took photographs to serve as inspiration for my Ocean Brush and Seastrokes prints.

In my studio, I faced a new challenge—using watercolors in a more conventional way. Previous works combined watercolors with pencil or tempura on various surfaces, but this time, I aimed for a looser approach. It was both frustrating and exhilarating to explore a technique I had strayed from for so long. The process allowed me to learn and embrace a more fluid and dynamic style, capturing the essence and energy of crashing waves with each brushstroke.

Through my Ocean Brush and Seastrokes prints, I seek to convey the captivating beauty and power of the ocean that has always fascinated me. Inspired by the changing water colors I've encountered in different locations, my journey in Newport alongside Ophrah Shemesh led to the discovery of an ideal scene. Despite the challenges faced in the studio, I grew as an artist and found fulfillment in exploring a new approach with watercolors. Join me as we immerse ourselves in the breathtaking allure of the ocean, as captured in my Ocean Brush and Seastrokes prints.

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