How to Wear a Print

We’re a brand that lives and breathes prints and we think you should too. All of our prints started their journey on the canvas as a work of art, painted by Ala herself. From there, the nature inspired pieces find their way to our design team before ultimately ending up in your closet. Prints aren’t meant to be scary, or “hard to pull off.” Quite the opposite. They are walking works of art, pops of personality, and an accessory to silhouettes. To help those who may be coming to prints for the first time, here are five printed looks for beginners. Which one will you be wearing?

Woman wearing mesh floral shawl wrap over long white stretch knit dress by Ala von Auersperg in the Carribbean

Our Gala Wraps add the daintiest kiss of personality with its romantic hues and sheer mesh fabric. Drape the fabric loosely over your arms for additional coverage or tie in the front for a more structured look. The wraps come in a variety of prints assuring that you’ll find one that’s perfect for you and your style. We suggest taking a look at the mesh style in Live Coral for a lovely mix or purples, pinks, and blues, or go silk with the Gala Silk Shawl in Lavender Mock Coffee. An easy way to add a pattern to any look, this breezy outer layer transforms solids. A white top, jeans, and this wrap, creates a playful take on running errands. Build an AvA set and wear this over our Caterina Stretch Knit Dress for an elevated everyday. Tie over a daring top for one extra layer of modesty without losing the sultry undertones. One wrap leads to an infinite amount of styling options.

Our solid white basics are a tried and true staple, available in tank tops, pants, and dresses. They look good on their own or can be layered with a printed mesh layer for a pop of personality. If you’re new to prints, we suggest building your signature set with these as your base, then add one printed topper over top. With a base of white, any of our bold outer layers soften just a little making the overall ensemble to be a touch more subtle.

Another way to incorporate print is by reaching for the iconic style AvA is famous for, the kaftan. The Titania Cotton Kaftan in Blue Coral or the Lorelle Cotton Kaftan in Primrose are stunning options. Both prints are subtle, romantic, and soft for beginner print lovers and beyond. A neutral shoe will always be a fit with any of the AvA prints but feel free to step into color as well. We suggest finding any accent color from the fabric and finding a shoe that matches that. For Blue Coral, reach for a bright blue mule as it will round out the look nicely. For the Primrose, opt for a deep pink block heel which is not only a perfect match but will keep you on trend with Greta Gerwig’s new Barbie movie.

As for accessories, you’ll want to keep them minimal. These prints are an accessory in themselves! So do delicate gold hoops over a beaded headband or the solid neutral bag rather than the big and bold handbag. Less is more, think Coco Chanel’s famous quote of taking one accessory off before leaving the house. This will keep you more aligned with your personal style and allow the print and silhouette of the kaftan to stand out even more.

Lastly, it wouldn’t be AvA if we didn’t give you a print on print on print option to play with. Bold uses of print are an amazing way to make a first impression far before the handshake or greeting. Our Signature Sets are what the brand is now known for. You just choose three AvA pieces that can all be stacked together or worn separately for the utmost versatility. For example, say you start with the Rachel Sheer Mesh Poncho in Ocean Brush, you could pair it with the Caterina Long Stretch Knit Dress in the matching print. Layering prints on top of each other adds depth and visual interest plus helps create a one of a kind look. Ready to go even bolder? Swap the Rachel Sheer Mesh Poncho for the Live Coral print and stack with the Caterina Tank Top and Elaine Pant in Blue Coral. The two coral inspired prints pair perfectly, somehow coming together to work as one new print. It's as easy as one, two, three.

Once you get more comfortable with prints feel free to play around. That’s how some of the best outfits have come to be. As a print beginner, we want you to feel elevated and bold without losing a sense of yourself. We can’t wait to see you rock a new print. Stepping out on the town for the first time in a bold AvA look? Snap a picture and tag us on Instagram at @ala_von_auersperg.