Grace Hamlin's AvA Style

If you've never shopped Ala von Auersperg, you're in for a real treat! Founded in 2017, Ala, is a designer, philanthropist, mother, grandmother, and longtime painter. Each AvA piece starts off as a painting on canvas and the design is later transferred to prints on tops, dresses, pants, and more - making each style incredibly unique. I've worn my AvA pieces for a day at the beach and at a formal affairs and I'm excited to share more about why I love Ala von Auersperg, and some of my current favorite AvA pieces.

Right away I have to tell you that nothing in my closet is more versatile than my mesh pieces from Ala von Auersperg. Whether at a dressy dinner to a breezy day spent poolside, I feel effortlessly put together in all of the mesh silhouettes. There are endless ways to pair the ponchos, wrapped toppers, and cascading caftans. You can layer these pieces over stretch knit dresses, pants, or tops for a date night or dinner with friends. But just as easily, you can throw them over a swimsuit and find a spot by the sea. Here is one her newest prints, Papillon, in the Rachel Sheer Mesh Poncho layered over the Caterina Long Stretch Knit Dress. Styled up, I'd wear this to a formal dinner in a heartbeat, but I've also packed this poncho to wear over a swimsuit on one of our weekend beach days here on the gulf coast of Florida. Beyond their amazing versatility and lovely prints, AvA pieces are also machine-washable, made in the USA, and easy to pack, so they're perfect for vacation since they won't take up a lot of space and are so low maintenance.

Grace Hamlin wearing tulip printed mesh asymmetrical topper by Ala von Auersperg at the beach

The elegant prints and designs of Ala Von Auersperg clothing makes her pieces stand out. The beautiful designs that Ala paints on canvas range from florals, foliage, nautical prints, plumage, animal prints, and more. And these paintings transfer so beautifully to fabric. Best yet, the brand celebrates women of all ages and a range of sizes by creating easy and elegant silhouettes up to an XXL. I love seeing Ala and her own daughter both look chic and confident wearing AvA clothing and very much appreciate their focus on helping women look and feel their best!

Grace Hamlin wearing blue feather printed mesh cardigan over stretch knit tank top and pants by Ala von Auersperg in Florida

While I love the luxurious silk pieces, the ones in the mesh collection are true go-tos. I love the feel of flowy, airy fabric sitting soft and cool against my skin. They're light enough to be comfortable here in the hot Florida climate, and wherever your adventures take you. I'm looking forward to continuing to try out other AvA pieces in the future and visit their beautiful Worth Avenue location in Palm Beach again! Maybe even pop up to their Charleston spot, or New York City showroom!

Ala von Auersperg is one of my favorite size-inclusive brands that focuses on making women of all shapes and ages feel beautiful and confident. Their products have flexible silhouettes available up to a size XXL and there are also one-size-fits-all options. Furthermore, I love that each print is based on unique hand-painted designs by Ala herself, making them a little extra special.