Behind the Collection:
the Primavera Collection

Ala took to her Antigua garden to bring us this year’s Primavera Collection. Butterflies, a symbol of new beginnings, found their way on Ala’s canvas about a year ago. And then thanks to our fantastic team, hard work, and late night inspiration, AvA brings you the Papillon print. It’s sophisticated yet bold, classic yet statement making.  

“I’ve always loved the vibrant beauty of butterflies. Despite being such a common insect around the garden, everytime I spot one it feels like a rare treat. Instantly any stress or worries all wash away, replaced with joy. I wanted to bring that feeling to your own AvA closet, so that every time your day, event, or family needs a little more joy, you, with a simple outfit change, can make sure they get their very own butterfly spotting,” says Ala.

Our devoted community welcomes new silhouettes like no one else. So, AvA community, meet the Aurora Dress. Featuring the Papillon print, this semi-translucent floor length, fitted dress brings you an understated sultry look. Talk about a daring way to start your new beginning. The Papillon print has also made its way on to the Rachel Poncho, Jerry Mesh Topper, Elaine Pants and some of our other fan favorites.

Also joining the ranks is the Blooming Yucca print featured on an updated take on the Mary Dress called the Minerva. (Did someone say a kimono-like sleeve? We’re already obsessed). The Blooming Yucca print, not to be confused with what some of us are eating instead of potatoes, is a delicate blooming flower that found its way to Ala’s east coast garden thanks to the previous owners of her house. Thanks, previous owners! Another reminder that no matter how small, commonplace, or mundane, inspiration can come from anywhere.

As are all of AvA’s collections, these are timeless pieces that elevate any wardrobe. They are meant to be layered with that AvA basic you got six years ago or paired with whatever piece we launch three years from now. Who knows, maybe those pieces are being painted on Ala’s canvas as we speak.

We hope you enjoy this new collection and as always; be confident, be comfortable, be beautifully you.