Behind the Collection:
the New England Collection

“What comes through in this collection is the power of femininity with a slightly masculine sensibility - that juxtaposition,” says Ala. “We’re back in the office, but we don’t want to feel as formal as we used to be. The barriers have shifted slightly.”

Such is the spirit of the AvA Fall 2022 New England collection, a fresh vision of autumnal dressing complete with AvA classics as well as new styles that fuse effortless femininity with a structured, menswear-inspired approach.

In addition to best-selling AvA styles, new pieces include the Tallulah Silk-Lined Blazer, Winona Reversible Vest and blouses, camisoles and pants in both neutral and vibrant shades, as well as the reintroduction of the Dancing Birds Print, this time in Sapphire and the new Narragansett print, where duck feathers in vibrant hues of turquoise, sapphire and slate blues dance around driftwood forms over cloudy taupe and white.

A deliberately cool-toned collection, these pieces may not reference the typical autumnal tones of fall, but feature the same approach to layered, timeless dressing for every destination.

“It’s Fall but not ‘traditional Fall,’” says Ala. “I see our woman wearing these pieces to friends’ homes for dinner, in the city, the country, and even Europe. You can wear it anywhere, any time of year.”