Behind the Scenes:
AvA Love Lift

As the AvA team came together to have their annual meeting on how they would be giving back this year, one thing was clear, everyone in the room had someone close to them that was affected by breast cancer. It was then that Ala knew what the company needed to do. As a company that focuses on bringing confidence, comfort, and effortlessness to women everywhere, she knew she wanted to make a major impact in the area of Breast Cancer Research. That’s why AvA is dedicating 50% of all proceeds from their Bette Scarves to go to a variety of non-profits benefiting Breast Cancer Research and patients. Named after American Actress, Bette Davis who unfortunately passed from the disease in 1983. Through this opportunity, we honor this female icon’s legacy.  

“Giving back has always been a core part of the brand. I didn’t want to just make a small donation, I wanted to make a wise investment. I am honored to have this opportunity to give back in a big way to the Breast Cancer community.” - Ala

Committed to making a change, AvA is offering this amazing donation not just during Breast Cancer Awareness month but permanently, anytime a scarf is sold. Every purchase of these scarves will be put into a dedicated fund which will then be donated to a variety of non-profits focusing on Breast Cancer Awareness. The scarves come in an array of prints and colors and can be styled traditionally, draped over the shoulder, or tied around your bag. They make wonderful gifts for the upcoming holiday season or for that friend or loved one you’d like to honor, support, or recognize. Let’s make a change, be change, and give back.