AvA’s Summer Pool Party

This summer Ala threw an AvA pool party, complete with food trucks, kids crafting tables, ice cream, cocktails and plenty of fun in the sun. On hand were friends, family and clients dressed in their favorite AvA styles, old and new.

“It was such a delight seeing so many of my nearest and dearest styled in their favorite AvA pieces, even from our first year of business” says Ala. “It was like watching the brand through the years, and I felt so grateful for the support. It was also just a picture perfect day and so fun to take a moment to enjoy."

In addition to vintage AvA styles were Queen Palm-themed pieces as well as AvA table cloths from our newest Sunflower print. Kids took turns bouncing from one palm float to another while feasting on yummy sweets and running around, as their parents relaxed over festive cocktails and snacks.

“It was a celebration of sunshine, of AvA and of our closest loved ones coming together,” says Ala. “It’s what summer is all about.”