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AvA Holidays at Home

Discover how some of the fabulous Women of AvA are celebrating their holiday at home.

The holidays may look a bit different this year, but we still want a reason to shine. So we asked some stylish friends how they’re celebrating this festive time. From decorating the home to throwing on the perfect playlist, to mixing new traditions into the old, here’s how our community is ringing in the holiday season.

Cristiana Anderson and Adam Mahr

Cristiana Anderson and Adam Mahr have no shortage of eclectic style in their homes. Mahr is the owner of A Mano, the iconic luxury goods shop in Washington D.C., while Anderson is a notable tastemaker and dear friend of the AvA brand. But when it comes to the holidays, they’re all about traditional favorites that embody the festive time of year. From the playlist to the cocktails, here’s how they’re celebrating their Holiday at Home.

Describe the vibe in your home around the holidays:

Adam: “Our holiday playlist music is from the 50's and 60's - Frank Sinatra, Rosemary Clooney, Dean Martin. My favorite holiday song is Baby it's Cold Outside.”

Cristiana: “I love Bing Crosby Christmas Carols, but my favorite holiday song is “All I Want for Christmas” by Mariah Carey.

What are some of your favorite decor details?

Cristiana: “I am fairly traditional when it comes to holiday decor but like to mix things up each year. I always use my mother's embroidered Christmas tablecloth and hang my needlepoint Christmas stockings for each member of the family. I have lots of Christmas ornaments from my childhood that I enjoy pulling out each year.”

Adam: “I’m non-traditional and love to mix things up each year. I love big colored lights on the tree each year!”

What are you sipping on during the holidays?

Cristiana: “I love a Negroni followed by lots of champagne.

Adam: “A Martini with a seasonal touch, or a Bellini.”

What’s your favorite thing about the holidays?

Cristiana: “The holidays are all about being with family and children. I love decorating the tree, eating great meals and sipping on holiday cocktails.”

Adam: “My favorite thing about the holidays is getting the tree and decorating it while sipping on cocktails. I love pulling out the special pieces for table settings and getting creative."

Get the Look: Cristiana Anderson is wearing the Bianca Blazer in Midnight Fantasia over the Georgia Blouse in Ivory Fantasia.

Danielle Rollins

As a decorator, entertaining guru and author of A Home for All Seasons: Gracious Living and Stylish Entertaining, our dear friend and fellow co-host Danielle Rollins knows a thing or two about hosting the perfect holiday event. Here, she shares her favorite tips on planning an intimately chic celebration and the little baubles she’d never turn down.

How are you planning to entertain these days?

One of my favorite things to do is to have a very small group of friends over to celebrate the season—whether it’s a dinner or just cocktails—and get very dressed up. A select group feels especially festive and puts me in a holiday state of mind. Smaller is more intimate, easier to manage, there are fewer table settings, and fewer dishes you have to do! You can also be more thoughtful since you don’t have to please as many people. I love throwing a "cocktail party" during the holidays. It’s a glamorous throwback.

Any tips you can share on making it fabulous?

Dress up to the nines, break out the embroidered cocktail napkins, the "fancy" crystal, silver and plenty of sparkle, of course. Make a good signature cocktail for your event, it shows some originality and thought, and it’s the perfect ice breaker. A little goes a long way so it's good to have other options to switch to later. I'm partial to a French 75 for the holidays- but they pack quite a wallop so it's a one-two drink at the most, and a precursor to champagne. And champagne always has the right amount of festive in my book!

What’s your favorite thing about the holidays?

I am a homebody at heart, so I relish every aspect, whether it is the planning and preparation to have people over or getting dressed up and going out to holiday parties at someone else's home. I love the seasonal touches to a home, and the chance to connect, celebrate and raise a glass of cheer with friends and family.

Is there anything special on your holiday wish list these days?

I’ve pretty much been blessed with anything I could have ever wished for- while Covid-19 has had so many challenges, it has also been a great catalyst for making what matters become clear. A strong, solid and supportive relationship, our healthy and happy families, a great career, a new house, a new dog and a new boat. Although I’d never turn down vintage Verdura or Van Cleef & Arpels.

Get the Look: Danielle Rollins is wearing the Alma Kaftan in Desert Fantasia