AvA Destination Style

Our favorite women on their getaway looks and locales.

While the effortless, carefree glamour of a well-deserved holiday might feel a bit out of reach these days, we like to plan for the moment we’re jetting off to the Southern Med - kaftans, ponchos and all. So, in the spirit of our Destinations collection - a breezy assortment of happy styles with an escapist sensibility - we asked Ala and some of our favorite Women of AvA which destinations are inspiring them, from their dream bucket list locales to the cocktails they’ll be sipping upon arrival.

As the founder of luxe jewelry brand Hazen & Co., Taylor Turner knows a thing or two about style. The Houston native’s lineage of taste and design stems from her grandmother, who inspired Taylor’s love of jewelry with her fabulous vintage pieces. So when it comes to travel and destination planning, we had to get the details into Taylor’s favorite spots and what she’s toting along with her.

Do you have a favorite getaway destination?

Any beach is a welcome retreat! My first trip as a little one was to the beach, and to this day, the beach is the place I can relax the most. Something about the beautiful colors that make up the tropical terrain always inspire.

Where was the last place that you visited that you were inspired by?

My husband and I recently took a trip to Mayakoba in Mexico. Not only is the gulf and its beaches beautiful in that part of the world, but the canals that cut through the property give the resort a uniqueness unlike any other I know. Large tropical plants and branches create idyllic bike paths that quickly transport you to a foreign land.

Where does the AvA print that you are wearing transport you?

This beautiful AvA print transports me somewhere green and sunny! I’ve never been to Palm Springs but when I go, I most certainly plan to wear this!

Pina Colada, Margarita or Rose? Do you have a “getaway” beverage?

There’s nothing better than a fresh margarita on the beach!

What is the one item that you always pack?

A big sun hat is always in tow!

Get the Look - Taylor Turner is wearing the Camille Dress in Bougainvillea

Georgia native-turned-New Yorker Lindsey Coral Harper has made a career out of infusing personal style with a strong dose of wanderlust. The interior designer cites travel as a central influence in her personal aesthetic, which fuses the traditional with bold, textural accents and color. So naturally, we had to discover her destination favorites. From carry-on essentials to the cocktail she’s sipping upon arrival, check out Lindsey’s Destination Style.

What’s your favorite getaway destination?

Harbour Island, Sea Island, Palmetto Bluff....you can see it's very cold in the Northeast right now. I am dreaming of warm destinations. I like any place warm, with character, charm and cocktails!

Where was the last place that you visited that you were inspired by?

Savannah, Georgia. I was there with some of my best girlfriends the last weekend in February 2020, right before we were all quarantined. Thank goodness for that trip.

Where does the AvA print that you are wearing transport you? 

Charleston. It makes me want to go to a beautiful outdoor garden party and sip mint juleps!

Pina Colada, Margarita or Rose?   Do you have a “getaway” beverage?

Yes please! Pina Coladas poolside in Sea Island. Margaritas for Miami and Tulum. Rum Dum's if I'm in the Bahamas. Dark and Stormies are great for a sunset sail in the Northeast. Rose is pretty perfect all summer long, anywhere!

What color sums up your island mood?

Sunset Coral

Favorite island scent?


What items do you always pack?  

The travel size perfume set from Hermes, it's perfect to throw in your carry-on! I'm sort of obsessed with Laniege lip sleeping mask in grapefruit - perfect to slather on your lips after being out in the sun! And I always pack a slip! It’s very old school, but it always comes in handy when you want to throw on a pretty dress for dinner, ask my friends!! I always have one with me. Plus a book - I love to read, it relaxes me.

Get the Look - Lindsey Coral Harper is wearing the Kathe Dress in Gardenia

As an esteemed design consultant, Marisa Marcantonio is always at the forefront of emerging trends, new talent and the most up-to-date furnishings. So for this former editor and founder of design blog Stylebeat, travel is an opportunity for visual inspiration and to get a sense of how other cultures and regions reflect their aesthetic. Here, Marisa shares her Destination Style, from architecture to colorful tiles to the AvA looks that evoke her sense of wanderlust.

What’s your favorite getaway destination?

Bermuda! I haven’t been in a long time, but I adore the white sand beaches with rock formations, pale blue water and British influenced architecture. It has an old world feel and a genteel charm.

Where was the last place that you visited that you were inspired by?

I grew up going to Palm Beach and every time I am there I enjoy the beautiful lush tropical landscape along with the building styles. Addison Mizner’s Mediterranean influenced homes in the Spanish Colonial Revival Style are enchanting.

Which destinations are on your travel bucket list? 

Palma, Mallorca. The Cappuccino Grand Hotel designed by Jacques Grange would be my hotel of choice, with its eclectic mix of design styles, chic lattice adorned bar, colorful tiled floors and unique custom touches. A beach day to explore the coves and coastline of this magical island would be the best way to spend time.

Where does the AvA print that you are wearing transport you?  

Anywhere warm and sunny!

What is your Go-To destination?

Los Angeles is a go-to for me. There is always a new restaurant to visit, the best sushi and incredible art museums and galleries to discover. I cannot wait to explore the new LACMA.

Get the Look - Marisa Marcantonio is wearing the Kate Blouse in Bougainvillea

As a blogger whose passion for style, fashion, decorating, cooking, and interior design permeates everything she does, Tiffany Blackmon is proof that life in your 50’s and beyond is truly fabulous. When she’s not blogging or recording podcasts for her site My So-Called Fabulous, you’ll find Tiffany under a palm tree in Mexico sipping her signature drink. For more of Tiffany’s travel intel, check out her picks in our latest AvA Destination Style.  

Do you have a favorite getaway destination? Where and Why?

My husband and I began traveling to Cabo and instantly fell in love with Las Ventanas in Cabo. We were married overlooking the beautiful Sea of Cortez in 2011 and we’re celebrating our 10 year anniversary this year! The culture, the people, the staff, the beauty, the food are simply fabulous. We purchased a villa there in 2020.

What color sums up your island mood?

The color of the ocean, so many shades of blue.

Pina Colada, Margarita, Rose? Do you have a favorite getaway beverage?  

If I had to select I would say a “skinny” margarita with no sugar but I would have to add to this list, crisp cold champagne and/or my signature cocktail The Puppy - fresh grapefruit and vodka, served up.

Where does the AvA print you’re wearing transport you?  

Every single piece of wearable art transports me to a magical place. The Rachel mesh poncho in birds of paradise transports me to a beautiful tropical garden with lush foliage prepared for a small cocktail party with friends and family. 

Get the Look - Tiffany Blackmon is wearing the Rachel Poncho in Birds of Paradise (Top Left Image), the Georgia Poncho in Nonsuch (Top Right Image), and the Artemisia Poncho in Queen Palm over the Lavinia Short Dress in Queen Palm (Bottom Right Image)

As her Instagram handle @confessionsofasuperager would suggest, lifestyle maven Isabella Thorp is redefining the idea of aging, and doing it pretty fabulously. When she isn’t influencing the world by cooking up healthy recipes, donning designer looks or hitting up the newest buzzed about destination, Isabella is living with style and wellness at her core. Here she talks about her destination bucket list, welcome cocktail of choice, and the color that sums up her island mood.

Do you have a favorite getaway destination? Where and Why? 

Paris, simply because it is my favorite city.

What destinations are on your travel bucket list? 

Istanbul, The Maldives

Where does the AvA print that you are wearing transport you? 

My mother’s home in the Philippines

Pina Colada, Margarita or Rose?   Do you have a “getaway” beverage? 

Rose or Champagne

What is a color that sums up your island mood? 


What are the one or two items you alway pack?

My skincare and makeup

When you are able to travel (post Covid) where will you go? 

My husband and I really want to go back to Italy

Get the Look - Isabella Thorp is wearing the Camille Dress in Bougainvillea (Top Image) and the Jerry Topper in Calathea (Bottom Right Image)