AvA Destination Style

Our favorite women on their getaway looks and locales.

While the effortless, carefree glamour of a well-deserved holiday might feel a bit out of reach these days, we like to plan for the moment we’re jetting off to the Southern Med - kaftans, ponchos and all. So, in the spirit of our Destinations collection - a breezy assortment of happy styles with an escapist sensibility - we asked Ala and some of our favorite Women of AvA which destinations are inspiring them, from their dream bucket list locales to the cocktails they’ll be sipping upon arrival.

As her Instagram handle @confessionsofasuperager would suggest, lifestyle maven Isabella Thorp is redefining the idea of aging, and doing it pretty fabulously. When she isn’t influencing the world by cooking up healthy recipes, donning designer looks or hitting up the newest buzzed about destination, Isabella is living with style and wellness at her core. Here she talks about her destination bucket list, welcome cocktail of choice, and the color that sums up her island mood.

Do you have a favorite getaway destination? Where and Why? 

Paris, simply because it is my favorite city.

What destinations are on your travel bucket list? 

Istanbul, The Maldives

Where does the AvA print that you are wearing transport you? 

My mother’s home in the Philippines

Pina Colada, Margarita or Rose?   Do you have a “getaway” beverage? 

Rose or Champagne

What is a color that sums up your island mood? 


What are the one or two items you alway pack?

My skincare and makeup

When you are able to travel (post Covid) where will you go? 

My husband and I really want to go back to Italy

Get the Look - Isabella Thorp is wearing the Camille Dress in Bougainvillea (Top Image) and the Jerry Topper in Calathea (Bottom Right Image)