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Antigua is where I travel to be with friends and family. It also has the most beautiful beaches in the Carribean. When Ralph and I first visited the island years ago, they were what drew me back again and again. Now it’s become our home away from home and refuge in the cold weather months.

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My favorite thing to do on the island is go snorkeling in the pristine waters. Antigua has over 200 wonderful beaches. I also love to make things like shell mirrors and candlesticks with my friend from Minnesota, Connee Mayerson Cowles. A potter and artist, she started gathering shells, coral and TK from nearby beaches. She makes incredible mirrors. Sometimes I join her and just have fun.

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My favorite lunch place in Antigua is Cecilia’s High Point Cafe. We go there by boat. For dinner, I love Colibri at nearby Falmouth Harbor. It’s set in this charming Caribbean cottage in a lush tropical garden and serves the most delicious French Crèole cuisine. After dinner, I love to walk along the harbor and admire the most beautiful boats.

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Also in Falmouth Harbor is a wonderful market every Thursday. Local vendors from all over the island come to sell a variety of goods like souvenirs and crafts, spices and fresh produce — think okra, papaya, coconut and Antiguan black pineapple.

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However you like to spend your day in Antigua, you simply can’t go wrong. Sometimes the best moments in Antigua are the ones I have sitting in the sunshine with my family.

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