Ala talks Tablescapes

AvA is entering the home space. This endeavor began years ago as Ala poured her time and creativity into one-of-a-kind tablecloths for her children’s weddings. It was a simple touch that made a big impact. Now that touch of sophistication is coming to your next gathering with AvA’s first ever tablecloths and napkins.

“I started to make my own tablecloths around the same time that I was creating prints for my clothes. I love to entertain at home so creating my own tablecloths just felt natural. Just as a print in clothing makes for the backdrop of the look so does the tablecloth for a dinner. It helps to create a wonderful atmosphere around any meal. I have always felt that anytime you’re gathering friends and family around the table deserves to be elevated by a stunning tabletop–making the moment memorable and special for everyone there.” - Ala

The matching duo are offered in the tasteful, green Palmetto print pulling inspiration from the beloved palm tree that graces the tropics. The varying hues of green on the print pair well with a gold or silver charger plate and classic white dinner plate. Add the matching napkins, blue hydrangeas, and colorful glassware for a tablescape that’s sure to be talked about long after the meal is through.

“The palmetto print is the perfect warm weather print. Indoors our outdoors–this somewhat neutral backdrop pairs with a variety of china. I personally opt for colorful flowers in small bud vases to really pop against the background. The napkins are wonderful with the tablecloth or used alone with placemats or charges directly on the table. A simple touch that goes a long way in elevating the everyday.” - Ala

The tablecloth and napkins are both machine washable, durable, and made to be the foundation for good food and great conversation. These are the pieces your kids will one day use as they make the recipes you taught them and share stories about their childhood. Invest in forever with a tablecloth that’s sure to elevate your next dinner, tea time or cocktails.