Ala's Fall Travel Wardrobe

Follow along as Ala takes us through what she’s packing for an autumn jaunt abroad.

This fall I’m traveling to Europe to visit with family and friends. It can be hard to know what to pack on an international trip, but fortunately my newest pieces plus a few signature favorites tend to work, despite varying dress codes and temperatures.

What I wear on the plane has to be comfortable, of course, but also won’t wrinkle by the time I arrive. I love my Nita Stretch Knit Pants in Plaid Manse or that reason. I’ll pair it with a t-shirt and a sweater. I’ll also take my Tallulah Silk-Lined Blazer in Sapphire blue because you never quite know how warm or cold you’ll be on a flight. When I get off the plane, this look makes me feel put together.

For the trip itself, I tend to pack almost my entire fall collection. It mixes and matches so effortlessly that I can get multiple outfits out of a few key pieces. I’ll wear the Ala Silk Blouse in Narragansett with my Halona Stretch Knit Pants in Sapphire blue, and pair it with the Tallulah Blazer, or swap it out for the Mariah Silk Shell Tank in Narragansett. Everything goes from the city to the country, and then I’ll wear the long Kathe Silk Dress in Narragansett in the evening.

I’ll also take along the Stevie Silk Jacket in Desert Fantasia and the Annie Cotton Blouse in White Fantasia, plus my Gabriele Suede Pants in Cocoa because they go with everything.

By the time I get to London, it’s a bit warmer. I’ll wear heavyweight cashmere knits on top of a blazer and a cashmere capelet. And then in Scotland, I’ll just wear L.L. Bean jackets, but the same pants and the blouses can be layered under sweaters, which is perfect for country weekends and in the city. I’ll wear similar looks in Austria - a blazer for dinner and then with a sweater during the day.

Everything in the AvA collection really does mix and match. You can put something together in the same color lining and be totally matched, or take it all apart and pair them with neutrals. I love breaking up a monolithic look one day, and matching it the next.

Ala's travel tips

  1. I love services like TSA precheck or Clear. In these times, anything you can do to make your trip more manageable is always a good idea.
  2. I try to take hand luggage as often as I can, but when I’m going to multiple destinations with varying climates, I’ll look into shipping my luggage ahead of time. It’s often only nominally more expensive than paying to check multiple pieces of luggage. Then I don’t have to manhandle big pieces of luggage through the airport.
  3. I prefer flying overnight. I like to get a bit of sleep. It helps with jetlag. I try not to eat or drink alcohol on the plane and I always stay hydrated. I try not not to sleep on my first day of arrival, otherwise it disrupts my sleep cycle.
  4. My carryon consists of my Ipad, a book, my earphones, and a little dopp kit. If I have enough room, I’ll bring a change of clothes because you never know what could happen with your luggage when you get there.