Styles to Celebrate in:
Graduation Edition

Graduation May. We all know it well. The plastic chairs set out in full sun as you wait for hundreds and hundreds of students to walk across the stage, turn the tassel, and be a graduate. AvA has taken it upon themselves to solve the age old question of what to wear to graduation. The look must be breezy to beat the heat, colorful to match the May flowers, and offer coverage to avoid sunburn.

Ala has friends who are headed down south for an early start to the graduation festivities. She always suggests any of our lightweight cotton blouses or our Kathe Dress. The southern heat will be no match for this airy look. Plus its luxurious fabric and pop of color will make her best dressed. Although this look is a no-brainer when it comes to an outdoor graduation or wedding, AvA has an expansive list of hot weather approved looks.

The Aurora Mesh Tshirt Dress in Papillon’s bright blue will look stunning against the vibrant green grass you’re sure to be sitting on. It offers a fitted look that smooths out features. Paired with a short Caterina White Dress will mean optimal air flow on that sticky day. The Minerva Silk Dress is a no-brainer with its delicious fabric. It slides right over the skin for a luxurious feel and sophisticated statement.

The AvA team wishes every graduate a sincere congratulations. And to all the grandmothers, mothers, and sisters attending, we can’t wait to see your AvA look. Tag us on socials @Ala_von_Auersperg.