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Meet Ala von Auersperg

Carefree yet elegant was the ultimate goal when artist Ala von Auersperg entered the world of fashion in 2015. Determined to create something that would transition seamlessly from afternoons on the beach into cocktail hour, she recognized the need for a collection that was as easy to wear as it was sophisticated.


From an early age, Ala was surrounded by women of tremendous style and beauty. Her grandmother, Annie Laurie Aitken, was a gifted sculptress, an avid gardener, and a highly discerning and renowned collector of antique furniture. It was in her grandmother’s spirit of artistic expression that Ala took up the brush over a decade ago and began painting flowers from her own gardens as well as the coral, seashells, and crystalline waters of Antigua that now adorn her collection.


Ala’s greatest influence however was undoubtedly her mother, the late Sunny Crawford von Bülow. Sunny, a woman of great taste and refinement, was one of the great beauties of the 1950’s and 1960’s. Ala recalls with fondness her mother’s understanding of style in everything that she did; from her fittings with the great couturiers Hubert de Givenchy and Yves Saint Laurent, to the decoration of her houses in Newport and New York, Sunny’s understanding of style was instinctual. Dresses donated by Sunny became an important part of the then fledgling Met Costume Institute collection.


Yet for Sunny, beauty was also something to be embraced and shared in her private life. She knew that her clothes didn’t have to be formal or contrived to be beautiful, and was happiest at home with her family and friends, dressed in a luscious silk caftan.


It was in this spirit that Ala launched her eponymous collection in 2015, lifting her paintings of tropical flowers and delicate sea coral straight from the canvas and digitally printing them onto lightweight, easy to wear silks, linens and meshes. Firm in the belief that your clothes should never limit you, she has taken the lessons learned from her Mother’s incredible aesthetic and combined them with her own understanding of the needs of the modern woman, creating a collection of adaptable pieces that allow women to feel confident in their own skin.


Ala is the daughter of Prince Alfred von Auersperg and Sunny Crawford von Bülow. Happily married and the mother of four grown children, Ala had painted and drawn for over a decade before entering the world of fashion. She is also a philanthropist and a tireless advocate for victim’s rights, founding the non-profit National Center for Victims of Crime in 1985, and Brain Trauma Foundation (then the Sunny Von Bulow Coma and Head Trauma Research Institute) in 1986.