Let's Pack for Spring Break

One of our favorite times of year is almost upon us–Spring Break. The plane tickets are bought and the resort is booked, now it’s time for the packing. Thanks to AvA’s packable fabrics and versatile pieces packing efficiently will be a breeze.

Let's Start with the Basics

Your matching Caterina Stretch Knit Tank Top and Elaine Stretch Knit Pants in Bamboo Brush. This look will keep you confident and casual as you take in the resort, enjoy breakfast in your room, or take a walk on the beach. Want a more neutral look? Reach for your Caterina Tank Top in Shellscape and pair with our best-selling Gabriele Italian Stretch Cotton Pant in White.

Let's Layer

Now it’s time for the vibrant mesh outer layers. We’re reaching for our Rachel Mesh Poncho which we wear over our swimsuit at the pool before transforming the look into a dinner ensemble by changing out the swimsuit for the Caterina Long Dress. We love that it offers floor length coverage while still being breezy and free flowing. To transform our Bamboo Brush matching set into a dinner look as well, we’re packing the Perla Mesh Poncho. The drama of the sleeves and lightweight feel is perfect for outdoor dining. Don’t forget to pack your AvA x BUZZ perfume + bug repellent. It will keep you bug free and smelling divine all evening long. One last layer and you’re almost complete. The Cashmere Wrap (in any color, but we are reaching for Indigo Blue) means never catching a chill. Wrap it around your shoulders, tie it around your neck, or drape it over your arms–the choice is yours.

Out on the Town

Now although all of the AvA items we’ve packed thus far can easily be dressed up or dressed down by swapping a pair of heels or choosing alternative jewelry, that doesn’t mean we don’t need at least one super dressy item. For this trip that’s our statement-making, over the top fabulous Kai Dress in Shellscape. It’s the dress that turns heads, and gets an audible “wow” from our significant others. We like to wear ours with a white chunky heel, a slicked back bun, and of course a spritz of BUZZ perfume + bug repellent. 

Supreme Hostess

Hosting over Spring Break? Maybe at home or abroad? Either way an AvA tablecloth elevates any lunch, dinner, or round of cocktails into an unforgettable experience. The Palmetto print adds a bold pop of green which looks stunning against our matching napkins and your favorite set of dinnerware. Don’t forget to pack it for your trip to the resort too. Our tablecloths make for a beautiful base for your picnic on the beach. After you’re done, just throw it in the wash.

We hope your Spring Break is spent enjoying the little things from the outfit you get to curate to the meal you get to enjoy. AvA wishes you the best, the beautiful, and the delicious.

Spring Break Looks