Driftwood Series Pants & Scarf - August 2017

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n magazine august 2017

Socialites in Style

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modern luxury
Anna Series Dress & Rose Duster - August 2017

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quest magazine July 2017

Driftwood Series Top and Pant - July 2017

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Stay breezy and beautiful in an Ala Von Auersperg caftan that is timeless resort wear suitable for every occasion. The brand believes that true luxury embodies both freedom and beauty, mobility and comfort, elegance and ease.

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Ala von Auersperg Resort 2018

New York-based Ala von Auersperg launched her namesake label in 2016 with a fairly straightforward goal: to offer breezy beach-to-dinner coordinated caftan and gown sets in original digital prints. She found a passion for painting a few years back and, along with creative partners Antonio Gual and Larry Black, began digitally imposing her artwork onto pieces equally appropriate for Palm Beach, Marrakech or Antigua (where she has a second home).

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quest magazine
Anna Series Roses Dress - June 2017

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The Art of Dressing Well

Isham sees fashion as an extension of the art she was studying. “One piece emphasizes the body and then the other one is fairly loose on top so that when the woman moves, the pieces draw together. In the end, I saw this as my art installation. The woman buying is the art of my own inspiration.” Isham would love to see Meryl Streep, Helen Mirren, Anne Hathaway, Angelina Jolie and Julianne Moore in her designs: “Anyone who wants to feel beautiful and confident.”

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Ala Isham is combining her art skills, interest in fashion and nonprofit pursuits with the launch of her signature resortwear.

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